With music programs in danger, student orchestra plays outside budget meeting

EVANSTON, Ill. -- Music programs and teachers’ jobs are on the chopping block in Evanston unless homeowners come to the rescue.

Link to video here:

In just a couple of weeks, Evanston residents will be voting on whether to increase their own property taxes. If they don’t, schools are facing dramatic cuts.

Locals say the school board has done a great job balancing the books through the end of the year. But then District 65 needs another 14.5 million dollars.

They can’t look to the state, so they’re going to homeowners with an unpopular question: Can we hike your property taxes?

The property tax referendum is on the ballot April 4th. It would cost the average homeowner about another 40 dollars a month.

Many parents say it’s a small price to pay to save jobs and music, but they’re worried because they know the vast majority of these referenda fail.